White and Red Moon

Two phases of the moon are represented with this rattle:

The Waxing phase (when the moon is getting bigger) is painted in reds, tans, and yellows. It represents growth, new beginnings, birth, energy, and vitality, and is associated with the character of the Maiden – youthful and spirited, ready to take on the world.

The Waning phase (when the moon is shrinking) is painted in blues, whites, and silvers. It represents endings, death, wisdom, tranquility, and deep spiritual knowledge. This is associated with the character of the Crone – old and wise; having experienced so much in her long years, she is now at peace with herself and shares her wisdom to those who seek it.

This is another of the “original series” rawhide rattles. It has a natural cedar handle and is adorned with feathers from my own gracious chickens as well as multicolored beads and stones.

After cutting the design out of dry rawhide, I soak the pieces for at least 5 hours. Then I sew the two sides together and fill the form with sand to give it depth (what I like to call poofiness).

Once the rawhide is dry again, I drain the sand, fill it with seeds, dried beans, rice, tiny stones, and sometimes tiny bells, then seal the handle onto the base so it all stays put. Then I paint, and finally decorate. The paint is finished with a special leather sealant to guarantee a long, brilliant life.