Walnut is a very unique smudge fan made from 100% natural turkey feathers with a studded and gently curved deer antler handle. It measures approximately 15” from top to bottom.

The top of the antler is wrapped in soft tanned leather and tied together with turquoise-dyed leather cord capped with a few wooden beads and a necklace of garnet. A little lower, turquoise and garnet stones twist around the antler on a braided metal wire, giving the piece a sense of movement.


I stay very much in tune with the fans throughout the entire process of creation, and I only know a piece is finished when it “tells” me.

Walnut is all about movement and flow: beads dangling off their leather cords, fringed wrapping, swirled wire with loose beads. Walnut was definitively not finished until all those pieces were in place.

After that, we sat together for a while and did my traditional thanking ceremony and blessing. This is typically when I discover the name of the fan, but Walnut told me its name even before that.

Walnut is unique in that it is completely androgynous: neither male nor female, and at the same time, both male and female. The blend of the masculine and feminine is so evenly balanced, giving Walnut a strong feeling of acceptance and contentment.

While its spirit feels young, its soul is akin to that of a wise old sage – someone who has seen it all, lived it all, and now sits quietly in an aura of light, smiling faintly with his secret understanding of the universe.