Sable Stone

Sable Stone is a large smudge fan (approximately 19” from tip to tip) made from 100% natural turkey feathers and small decorative spotted feathers.

The handle is an interestingly curved and forked deer antler. The top of the antler is wrapped in soft tanned leather, studded with turquoise and onyx colored beads at the upper edge, and adorned with three puka shells in the center.

As the leather has a long fringe, there seemed to be a desire for more movement and freedom in the fan; hence the feather charms. Gold offsets the white shells beautifully and all the colors seem to complement each other.

I stay very much in tune with the fans throughout the entire process of creation, and I only know a piece is finished when it “tells” me. (Sable Stone was absolutely not complete until those last gold feathers were attached. As soon as those were on, it was finished.)

After the fan is comfortable with its adornments, we sit together for a while and do a traditional thanking ceremony and blessing. This is also the time when I ask the fan its name and get a sense of its spirit.

Sable Stone is my first strongly masculine fan. He is stout, confident, and proud, and is ready to provide stability to whomever needs it.

The “stone” is a part of his name is obvious: he is naturally very grounded and has a solid energy. “Sable” is the name that came up first, however.

“Sable” is synonymous with the color black; it is also an interesting little animal. Typically, sables are a variety of marten, furry weasel-like creatures with luxurious soft fur. They live in northern Russia and the Ural Mountains, and as such are hardy, versatile animals that burrow their dens underneath tree roots.

I’m not sure why Sable Stone chose this as part of his name, but perhaps only his new owner has found out the answer to that.