Plains is a peaceful and unique smudge fan. The 100% real turkey feathers are situated on an amazing piece of deer antler that is naturally polished to an almost mirror quality as it gets nearer to the tip. As if many hands have held this fan and passed it along through the generations.

The fan is approximately 20” from end to end, and is decorated in a soft piece of tanned leather hand-painted with a simple stripe pattern.

Adorning the leather are turquoise-colored beads and a wrapping of leather cord capped with wooden beads of its own.

I stay very much in tune with the fans throughout the entire process of creation, and I only know a piece is finished when it “tells” me. After all the upper decorations were completed and I was about to put her down, I got the distinct and strong desire to wrap some leather around the middle of the antler, almost in the style of an arm band.

Once that was finished, she was satisfied and we were able to do a small thanking ceremony and blessing. During this blessing I ask for the name the fan wants for itself. Plains took her time. While words were not coming to me, clear pictures of a pristine field of tall golden grasses kept popping into my head.

It seems she doesn’t care what her name sounds like, as long as it evokes the image of tall yellow grasses swaying gently in an early summer breeze.

Plains is simple and sure, with an airy listless quality that quietly brings peace of mind and gentle acceptance.