Oak Bonsai

Finally in the series of bonsai trees, the tiny oak.

This guy took a lot longer than the others due to all his little leaves. First, his canopy is much larger than the other two. Second, I was counting the dots this time!

No joke. People were asking me to count them, so just this once, I conceded.

Ready for the final number?


Keeping track of everything was not easy! I had to create a page full of little hash marks, each signifying one hundred dots.

Sometimes I would lose count, in which case I’d just start over again at one.
So that final number can be approximated to around 200 dots.

               This is what one hundred dots look like.                                                             And this is 1000 dots.


Once the pot and the trunks were done, the slow grind began.
Sorry for the poor photography.

Typically I listen to music or have a movie playing in the background while I paint.


But because I had to concentrate on counting the dots, most of this was done in silence (and even then I would sometimes lose count!).

After the base layer of leaves was finished, I added a few thousand more dots for some depth and shading, a few more branches poking around, and then it was finally complete.

©2017 Lena Damvar 6″x8″ Acrylic paint on handmade paper