Morning Ripple

The name this fan seemed to prefer was A Glint of Morning Sun Reflected Off the Surface of a Pond. However, for the sake of space, she accepted Morning Ripple.

It still suits her: she sparkles and shines and is sure to attract attention wherever her home may be.

This 100% natural turkey feather fan (from my free ranging turkeys) is almost 13″ tall from tip to base. The handle is cedar that has been stripped and lovingly sanded down, then finished with very fine steel wool.

As with all my creations, I rely on spiritual guidance from the pieces themselves to dictate what “clothes” they will wear. Besides the metal and cotton spiraling around the handle, this fan wanted more.

A wooden bead coupled with a tiger’s eye stone and a small bell create movement and delicate sound, while turquoise beads at the top of the handle contrast the other more muted tones beautifully.