Man in the Maze

I love labyrinths, and this is one of the only Native American labyrinths I’ve seen. It’s a gorgeous design and the story is equally fascinating. The labyrinth represents the path we all walk in life. There are twists and turns, but ultimately you end up in the center. This is considered the end of the current life path you’ve been walking, and it is here you meet the Sun God who will move you into the next world.

As far as the color, the drum wanted to be black. I painted the man in blue so he would “pop” – and it seems to have given him a life of his own. Traditionally, each time the Man in the Maze was created, either in paint, carved in rock, or woven into a basket, there would be a mistake purposefully added in so that the spirit of the maze would be free.

This drum definitely has its own spirit.

Here is a bit of the coming together.