Hunting Seabird

Hunting Seabird is quite a unique fan, consisting mostly of masculine energy, but with a touch of femininity at his center.

During his meditation, I was flooded with images of gulls and terns floating across a vast ocean beneath a chill cloudy sky, while old-style schooners and galleys creaked and groaned below. There was a strong sense of being deeply connected to the ocean – from the salted air to the spray of waves to the smell of rusted iron and sea-soaked wood. Quite serene.

The feathers are all 100% natural turkey feather. The handle is made of soft board wrapped in leather. In the center, the red bit of leather stands out like a centerpiece, adorned with multi-toned interlocking rings and a small bell.

At the bottom, the handle grips a large turquoise bead which is not only pretty, but which adds stability to the fan.