This is one of the most unique smudge fans I’ve been blessed to know. This fan is made of 100% real turkey feathers (and three tiny decorative feathers), and due to the amazing shape of the deer antler handle, Hawthorn can stand on her own!

The fan is approximately 23” from tip to tip and stands almost 7” at its tallest feather.

The top of the handle is wrapped in leather, which itself is duly wrapped in hemp twine and leather strapping.

Dangling from the bottom of the wrapping are beads of various colors, with some turquoise and tiger’s eye peppered in. They make a delightful and delicate clicking sound when the fan is waved back and forth.

Nestled in the center of it all is a wonderful piece of orange calcite. Calcite in general is known as an energy amplifier and cleansing stone; orange calcite in particular has been used as an emotional healer and mental stabilizer.