Fir Bonsai

In this one I experimented with shadows and shades. For some reason I tend to have a very hard time with color; I’m not colorblind and in fact am very discerning when it comes to noticing subtle shades and tones.

But I am terrible at: 1. mixing paint; and 2. putting decent color schemes together. Don’t know why.

This took a total of about 18 hours, on a 6x8″ piece of handmade paper, and I wasn’t able to count the dots this time.

As you can see in the middle photo, I decided to try out a new style of ‘leaf.’ Instead of one mass of unorganized dots, there are hundreds of tiny stars that went a long way in making the tree look authentic.

Once all the leaf-stars were in place, I added lighter and darker shades in the background to help accentuate them and create depth.

©2017 Lena Damvar 6″x8″ Acrylic paint on handmade paper