Cricket is a beautiful long-handled (she is approximately 28” from end to end) smudge fan made from 100% natural turkey feathers with some decorative brown and spotted feathers added for color.

The gorgeously studded deer antler handle is wrapped in soft tanned leather and tied together with turquoise-dyed leather cord capped with a few wooden beads. When the wand is waved, the beads click against the handle and each other producing a very soothing cricket-like sound.

Resting front and center and held in place with artificial sinew is a wonderful quartz pillar. Quartz is famous for being a very energetic stone, and it is beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, and protection among many other things. It also helps harmonize its surrounding environment.

I stay very much in tune with the fans throughout the entire process of creation, and I only know a piece is finished when it “tells” me. After that, we sit together for a while, do a small thanking ceremony and blessing, and I ask its name. Cricket’s name came almost before she was finished. I don’t know why she chose this name, but it suits her very well.

She is a young and proud spirit, very lively and quick. There is a deep store of energy hidden inside this fan, as if she’s ready to get out and attack things head-on, to learn and explore, and to truly be alive. Her vitality is contagious; she seemed to lift my spirits and inspire me whenever I was near.

Cricket is definitely a beautiful fan with an amazing spirit.