Black Ink

This is a collection of black and white “tribal paisley” designs from 2009 to the present.

Each piece starts with an inspiration. I decide what I want to draw (usually it’s an animal, since the motion of the swirls lends itself so wonderfully to active creatures. Characteristics of the totem animals come mostly from Spirit Animal Totems.), then I trace the outline in pencil. Once the basic outline is done, I start to ‘fill in the blank’ as it were – still with pencil. There is a lot of erasing and tweaking during this process, especially around eyes and faces, where I’m going for a specific look. Finally, once all the penciling is done and I’m happy with the way it looks, I go over all of it in pen. (Sometimes, if I’ve messed up the paper with too much erasing, I’ll trace the penciled image onto another sheet of paper and ink that in. But usually it’s all done on one page.)

I’m trying out mirror image copies now: the picture has two sides, both being exact mirror images of each other. It’s a little easier in some regards and a little more difficult in others. I love the way it turns out, though; often a fascinating ‘negative space’ pattern will emerge when I put the two sides together. One of these days I’ll get really insane and try to create not only positive space images (the black ink), but also negative space images (the blank white in between the lines) in the same picture. Whew!

Most of the originals have all sold; a collection of first-run prints is available for sale. If you have any questions about the animals, the design, or are interested in a custom piece, let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

Gorilla ThumbSeahorse Thumb Whale Thumb Star Thumb Snake Thumb Owls Thumb Monkey Island Thumb Meditation Man Thumb Lion Thumb Leaf Thumb Koi Thumb Hookah Thumb Heart Thumb Shark Thumb Elephant Thumb Bat Thumb Eagle ThumbSword ThumbDragon ThumbPuzzle Piece ThumbAries Ram ThumbButterfly Thumb