Rattles and Drums

Here is a collection of leather music-makers I’ve been working on.

The cedar-handled rattles are between 9″ and 10″ tall and are made with tanned hide, not rawhide. The result is a softer, more natural sound (not deep or echoing). Unless otherwise specified, inside the body is a combination of seeds, beads, tiny rocks, and dried beans.

And the embelishments are all sorts of different things: feathers, sinew lace, beads, rocks, bells, wire, charms, and bits of jewelry. I gather the handles from fallen cedar branches in my yard, and some of the feathers I use have been generously donated by my chickens and turkeys.

The paint I use is leather-specific paint, designed for wear-and-tear and flexible enough not to crack when the leather moves. I also seal each drum (except the unpainted ones) with a conditioning leather sheen to protect from scratches and smudges, and also to provide a nice glossy finish.

I also have a new series of “handle-less” rawhide rattles designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Click here to see the next generation.

If you’re looking for something specific, contact me and I can create a custom piece just for you!

Sun Thumb Raven ThumbBuffalo Thumb

Flower Thumb  Snake ThumbButterfly Thumb

Octopus Thumb  Fox ThumbWhale Thumb

Owl ThumbSunflower ThumbWhale 2 Thumb

Cat ThumbHoof and Paw Rattle ThumbCompass Drum 12in Thumb

Labyrinth Drum 12in ThumbMaze Man 12in ThumbGoddess Front