Feathers and Sculptures

Inside is an ever-growing collection crafted from the abundance of nature.

The sculptures are either oak or cedar – both aged for many years before being used – and are painstakingly cleaned and polished to new glory. (And when I say painstakingly, I mean it. Each piece takes at least 5-10 hours to clean, sand, buff, and finish; some take much longer than that.) Then, if the structure of the wood is suitable for a dreamcatcher, I weave one out of artificial sinew, adding beads and feathers as feels appropriate.


The feathers are a relatively new venture, having been generously donated by my turkeys.

Smudge fans are ancient tools, used with or without incense for clearing the air & drawing fresh energy to a person or space. They can be employed in ceremonies & rituals, on altars, or at home for personal use.

The fans I make are from 100% natural turkey feather (from my own free range turkeys), with handles either of cedar which I harvest myself, humanely harvested antler, or simply the feather’s own stem.

The utmost respect is given each piece before, during, & after completion, & I allow the “spirit” of the materials to dictate what it wants in respect to decoration, adornments, paint, etc. I don’t force colors or styles, even if I personally prefer them. The result is a diverse collection of personality & beauty. Some pieces are adorned with beads, bells, & trinkets, while others take on a more natural appearance. Some come together rather quickly, while others can take weeks to complete.

After completion, I sit with each piece & ask what name it would like. At times, the name comes immediately & strongly; I had the name Cicada, for example, almost before she was finished.


Click on the picture of each for a full description and its location. Currently, my fans and dreamcatchers are for sale in a couple of shops in downtown Wimberley, TX. If there’s one you absolutely must have (and I understand that feeling completely), let me know and I’ll try to get it for you.


Wand1 Hecate4 Sculpture1Braids Front Wrapped Front Pocket Front Breeze FrontGold Glitter FrontWoodland 2Cricket Front 1Plains FrontHawthorn Close UpFan Front 2Walnut LeftShadow Owl Close UpOcean Hunter BirdJade Eye Close UpFawn Close UpCopa