Drawing for me began as a way to avoid paying attention in school. I’ve never been much good at sitting still, except when I’m creating. I love the look of mosaic and stained glass, but can’t grout to save my life.

The swirl designs, which I’ve termed “tribal paisley” are my original passion and inspiration.I am very much influenced by henna design as well as the gorgeous, intuitive flow of native Islander and Aboriginal art.

The drums, rattles, and smudge fans were inspired by my studies in shamanism. Connecting with the earth’s spirit and my own brought inspiration to create pieces that can be used in meditation or spiritual work of any kind. They comprise mainly of natural materials and create a sense of grounding and peace.

And the toothpick paintings come from my meticulous artistic style and my apparent love of sitting hunched over my art desk for hours at a time. Working in miniature has always fascinated me and while some of them aren’t quite miniature, the process of careful detail is the same.  

Wimberley, Texas, is where I call home and where I share a cozy cabin with three dogs, two cats, chickens, and a pig. (The last two stay outside, except on nice days when the chickens wander indoors through my open screen door.)  

If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to holler. And please leave me messages, either in the comments or via Facebook.



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