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Drawing for me began as a way to avoid paying attention in school. I’ve never been much good at sitting still, except when I’m creating.

I love the look of mosaic and stained glass, but can’t grout to save my life. The swirl designs, which I’ve termed “tribal paisley” are my original passion and inspiration.I am very much influenced by henna design as well as the gorgeous, intuitive flow of native Islander and Aboriginal art.

My current adventure is drums and dreamcatcher sculptures. The drums right now are mostly small rattle drums made with soft leather, although I have a few 15″ hand drums under my belt. I’m working on totem animal themes, and soon I’m going to expand and experiment with rawhide on larger rattles and perhaps more hand drums.

The sculptures are made from very old cedar pieces that I find on my property. I clean them and sand them several times to bring out the natural beauty, and they thank me by holding gorgeous dreamcatchers. The result is a piece that represents the serenity of mother nature; a grounding totem that, thanks to the dreamcatcher, can balance chaotic energies and help focus the mind.

Around Austin I’ve been exhibited in locations such as The Paradise Cafe, The Dig Pub, and Venue 222 for RAW Austin. I was also selected as a featured artist for Metroseeker.com and Austin Fusion Magazine.

Lately, I stick close to home in Wimberley, Texas, where I share a cozy cabin with two dogs, two cats, chickens, turkeys, and a pig. (The last three stay outside, except on nice days when the chickens wander indoors through my open screen door.)


If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to holler. I love communication! Everything on my site is for sale; look beneath each piece for PayPal’s handy Buy It Now button. And please leave me messages, either in the comments or via one of my social networking sites (located below).

Austin Fusion Magazine Interview
Metroseeker Interview
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Tiko and Kitties Couch Feb 2014 2IMG_1779 Tiko and Sussy May 20 Tiko and Sussy Oct 13Chop Chop Aug 2014 Turkeys Aug 2014



  1. Love some of your work.
    Some of your work dose not have a price.
    I would like to know why you use a moon with three stars, and it’s meaning?

    • Thanks for checking out my site!
      Everything for sale should have prices with the Paypal button. If there’s no button, it’s probably either sold, or was a custom-made piece. If you’re interested in one that doesn’t have a price, let me know and I could work on getting you a print if you’d like.

      Ah, the moon and stars. 🙂 I call it my “brand.” I have a tattoo of a crescent moon with three stars in the center of my chest, about where a necklace would fall. It was my first-ever tattoo, and since it’s in such a strange spot, it’s how people recognize me sometimes.
      The crescent is a symbol of the moon goddess in several pagan traditions. Specifically, “my” moon is a waning crescent – which means it’s going away – and represents the “crone goddess,” an old woman who embodies wisdom, tranquility, centered-ness, and compassion. Traits I’ve always aspired towards.

      Again, if you’re interested in anything but can’t find a price, let me know — or if you’d like something drawn up, I can definitely do that too.
      Thanks for your support!

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